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Dailyum is an exclusive food brand that works hard to create the very best blend of natural ingredients & harnesses goodness without compromising on taste, making it perfectly nutritious and delicious.
Just Goodness of Mother Earth!
Modern-day consumers look for healthy, quick-to-make, super delicious foods to fill in the voids of their busy schedules. They need a variety of food and beverages at their disposal to choose from.
We realized this need and came up with a range of healthy substitutes that are yummy and can be prepared instantly for one’s daily consumption. Hence, we branded it as ‘dailyum’. We do not use any chemical preservatives or artificial flavorings in our products making them 100% pure and natural. They are MSG-free and hence, a healthier option. Some of them are even vegan and gluten-free. And guess what, we make them tasty even without onions & garlic too!
All our products are manufactured and packed under strictly controlled environments to provide safe & high-quality products. Our plants are 100% vegetarian. We dehydrate dairy and plant-based produce and powder them preserving most of their nutrients along. These go into the making of our instant premixes for soups, milkshakes, and flavour dust keeping them healthy and preservative-free.
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India is a land of spices and has always been a land of amazing cuisine. Its wide range of spices is specifically grown in specific regions. At dailyum, our spices are handpicked and made by local chefs who are experts in their field. Small business owners prepare these spice mixes in different parts of the country to ensure their local flavor and aroma that is loved by its localities. They are prepared under strict quality check controls and are brought under our roof where we pack them safely to be delivered straight to your doors!
We believe that consuming healthy, pure & natural products make you feel good inside & out. So get ready to know our entire range & its variants while we are consistently working to add more.


Why Choose Us.

100% Pure & Natural

We do not use any chemical preservatives or artificial flavourings in our products making them 100% pure and natural.


Our products are designed to be healthy, quick to make, super delicious and are packed with convenience.

MSG - Free

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is never a part of our food products due to its controversial effect on health.

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